Different Shirting Styles

Different Shirting Styles

With the ever-increasing rise in popularity of online shopping, men have more choices at their fingertips than ever before. While this can make shopping easier for certain items or industries, it can also do the inverse and make things more complicated. The fabric, collar, pocket, and fit combinations seem endless. All of these elements should be taken into account when deciding where, when, and how a particular shirt is ideally worn.

Fashion is more than just buying new clothes and outfits. It's about having an appropriate dress sense, an understanding of modern trends, and combining the different elements together in a way that dazzles.

A men's shirt is the most essential ingredient when it comes to defining his own personal flair. It is the most versatile piece of clothing that can be styled in so many ways to emulate a fresh look each wear. Whether it’s for daytime, smart casual or evening occasions, it can all be derivatively styled with an elementary piece of clothing that is: the shirt. Listed below are a few variations of shirts redefined to make each one distinctly appealing in its own way.


Classic white shirt

The classic White Shirt is the absolute essential piece of clothing in any gentleman’s closet. Be it a Doctor, pilot, professor, professional, or Student Etc. Its timelessness and versatility are a testament to its enduring appeal for constant reinvention. This garment remains as the most quintessential garment in any modern gentleman’s books. Crisp, iconic and well-tailored… there’s really very little that won’t go well with it. 


Printed shirt

Prints are a maxima-list most perfect way to make a fashion statement and is one of the most eye-catching pieces of clothing in a man’s wardrobe. While printed shirts are nothing new, today’s prints have evolved since Hawaiian styles to taking inspirations from geometric, abstract or themed elements – making for cooler, more eccentric motifs.


Striped shirt

Stripes are an effortless way to add an extra element of colour and detail to one’s attire. They can be worn comfortably as daywear or evening wear and is even versatile enough to be paired with a suit. Understatedly stylish, stripes are the modern gentleman’s refreshingly subtle way to add flair to the classics.


French cuff shirt

Also known as the fold-back, turn-back or double-cuff, the French cuff shirt is a symbol of class and has gained recognition throughout history with its contemporary appeal. The details present in a French cuff elevates any gentleman’s attire with its accent points, radiating both elegance and taste.


Outdoor shirts

The modern safari shirt is a reworked, stylish alternative that’s smart, casual and functional. Inspired by safari jackets worn by the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Prince Charles and Sir David Attenborough, the outdoor shirt features pleated pockets and military inspired epaulettes. The modern version of the shirt cuts a masculine silhouette to its wearer and is undoubtedly the sartorial choice for the fashion-forward.


Denim Shirts

Raise your hand if you are the denim lover too. no matter how many types of shirts are introduced by the fashion industry or you have but the eye-catching look that the denim shirt has cannot be overcome. The man’s wardrobe is said to be incomplete if he or she does not have a vivid collection of mens denim shirt. The best part about the denim shirt is it does not create an age bar and force people to give you a compliment. Wear denim shirt as casual, layer it as informal, dress up like formal…..all such possibilities you have in the denim shirt style and to know more about it, check out ideas for how to wear denim shirt.


Formal Shirts

Formal wear dressing, if done correctly goes a long way in shaping one’s personality. A man no matter at what time of the day, in a pristine white shirt and formal pants seems like the epitome of effortless office style. No matter how cool a guy looks with tattoos, muscle shirts, fake tan, or coiffed hair looks when it comes to going to a work meeting or even a normal day at work, formal wear comes into play!


Why is Formal Wear important? 


Your Comfort:

The most important aspect of wearing Formal wears to the office would be the level of comfort that it provides during the time worn. Formal wear ideally should not be heavy structured, unlike the related perception created over time. Remember, your comfort is paramount during those office hours. 


Your Confidence:

Warriors wear armour to the battlefield and well-fitted formals are what you wear to the conference room. Wear what makes you feel pumped up every time you walk into your office. It makes you feel good about yourself when you take that extra mile to dress up well and not to mention the people taking notice and pausing and noting your presence and words. 


First Impression Is Always The Last Impression:

We have all used the quote "Never judge a book by its cover", but at some ratios of life, you need to do that. Whether you go for an interview for it is your first day at work, your first impression on your employee counts a lot.

In short, wearing formals to work reflects an individual's personality better and creates an impression alongside.


 Things To Consider While Buying Formal Wear:


Colors :

Ace That Pastel Game

One just can't go wrong with pastel colours for formal wear this season as it's one of the most sophisticated colors and works just fine for office wear. Shop for a formal white shirt and pair it with pastel colour formal pants like beige if you're in the mood for something which is not so formal but gives the perfect hint to it. You can further accessorize the outfit with a stylish belt and formal shoes. Enter the office like it's the 70's again.


Rock the Prints

Can't deal with monotonous shades of formal wear then it's high time you experiment with some prints. Prints might seem cliche but then we know nothing looks better when it comes to subtle prints but of course don't forget to experiment with shades. One can go for offbeat combinations of subtle prints and contrasting textures. Pair up a not so dynamic printed shirt with a matching bold colour formal pants and you are ready to rock the office wear in a retro style. You can also include accessories like a textured tie with your attire to give it a stylish yet formal touch.


Stripes To Follow 

Catch everybody's eye with this stunning stripes print dress to make a statement. This way of pulling off the formal wear is perfect for men this season since while giving a sharp look and has a sophisticated touch too. Add a belt to accessorize this better as no outfit is complete if you don't accessorize it well. 


Monotone Style Of Solid Colors

Slay it the old-school way with a monotone formal wear. It's again a retro-inspired look but it stills looks equally fashionable and stylish. Accessorize the look with your basic watch and a pair of amazing formal shoes. If you know how to wear an outfit with confidence then nothing else really matters. 


Textured Trend

Texture, fabric, and weave are three of the most misunderstood words in men's formal wear. Texture refers to the physical surface of the fabric of the clothThe most obvious effect of texture is, of course, its comfort on your body. No one likes to wear rough, scratchy fabric. From a stylistic point of view, it’s the subtler effects of texture in formal wear is interesting.



One thing that people usually miss out which buying formal wear is fitting. 


Shirt Sleeve:

The finish of the sleeve should fall in the space between the base of your wrist (or that bone that sticks out) and the base knuckle of your thumb. The best way to check this is by not lifting your arms up while you try on formal shirts. When your arms are on position, the sleeve of the shirt should fall into that sweet spot without draping over your thumb.




To have the perfect fitting of the formal shirt the shoulder seams of the shirt should line up with the ends of your shoulders -- where the horizontal plane of your shoulder meets your bicep. This goes the same for the Blazers as well. Your jacket can go a little beyond your shoulder, but really try to line it up.




The fitting of the shirt's collar is in a way that it should snug around your neck leaving no gaps and making you feel not constricted. If you are in doubt then an easy way is to apply two-finger test which is that you should be able to fit two fingers between the fastened collar and your neck. If you have some wiggle room, it's probably too big. If you can't get two fingers in there, it's too tight.

Now that you perfectly know about the important things that should be kept in mind while buying Formal Wear, you should get going. Classy formal wear can change your appearance and  a lot of different styles & colors from M 27 to choose the perfect formal wear from.

 traditional spread collar that is seen on your typical casual shirt to the more formal dress shirts which are ideal for a medium-sized tie knot (4-in-hand or half Windsor) if you’re wearing a tie with the shirt.

 The second most popular is ‘cut-away’ collar which is traditionally seen on more dressy shirts and leaves the most room for the widest and most formal knot, the full Windsor. The cutaway collar is perfect under a blazer because the collar will never pop out of your jacket lapels. 

 The third is the classic button-down collar and a nod to Ivy/preppy traditional menswear. If you’re going to wear a tie, we recommend one which is cut from either cotton or wool, a knit tie, or a silk ‘rep stripe’ to compliment the Ivy style of the shirt. Now that you have the tie paired, we recommend a blazer-jeans or blazer-trouser outfit. Unless it's your first communion or Bar Mizpah, steer clear of wearing suits with button-down collar shirts and ties unless you’re going without a tie. 

The last and most fun collar is mandarin or ‘band’ collar. This collar definitely makes a subtle statement and something people will take note of. Looking for some refined and casual diversity to your rotation of dress shirts? We’ve added some more details to our shirt like a bias front placket and signature M 27 details with complimenting fabrics so you’ll be able to pair it with anything from jeans and trainers to a tailored suit and monk strap shoes. 


Shirt Front

The center of your shirt where the buttons and button holes are placed is called the placket. Traditionally the type of placket would tell you the level of formality of the shirt. Back in the day, the more formal front was called a “two-piece” placket and basically incorporated a separate piece of fabric sewn onto the front of the shirt that secured the buttons. You’d see this on classic business/dress shirts. The other more casual front placket is called a ‘french front’ that is constructed by folding the front over itself and sewing the buttons down. This would traditionally be used on casual ‘camp shirts,’ bowling shirts, or short sleeve novelty shirts.


In a way, fashion is not too different from a piece of art, and in this article, we will discuss the fashion rules that you need to follow in order to really ensure that you  become the star of the show.


Invent Your Style

The concept, the idea, and the inspiration begin with you. You need to discover who you are, and how you wish to be perceived by others. So, gear up… because it's time to rediscover, experiment and reinvent your style.

In order for you to accomplish this, you have to pick up something you wouldn't wear on a normal day, mix up your style a little and break off from your daily fashion style.Men's Club Fashions Shirts offers a number of designs and options to help you re-invent your fashion. 

When it comes to luxury fashion wear, it is imperative that you let loose and express yourself to the fullest. Stand up straight, maintain a good posture; there is no room for fear because even the best clothes don't cover broken confidence.

Be ready for the limelight, don't shy away from all the attention and be natural, because that is what expression is all about.


Wear What Fits

Unarguably the infallible rule in men's fashion is to wear what fits. Fitting is the most important aspect of your outfit. Never wear anything that is either loose or tight.

Regardless of the brand, if the fitting is off then even the best clothes don't impress.

So, one of the first things you need to be concerned about is the fitting of your clothes. Avoid investing in a dress shirt that cannot be adjusted to fit your body type.

Another key fashion rule is to always buy items that stay in fashion for a longer period of time.

Falling for short-term fads will tarnish your high-end reputation and will only prove to be a financial burden in the long run when the fad runs out. You should always buy clothes that remain relevant, stylish and classy for a prolonged period of time.


Select the best Quality

You should opt for premium brands and flawless quality because such buying proves worthwhile in the long run, so We Have made a choicest collections for You, which are best in quality and pocket friendly so you look great.  

Wearing best-quality clothing from premium brands like M 27 and Pan America is the way to go, don't pay high or settle for less. Save up, buy once, but buy the best.

Another rule to follow is to test out different outfits… mix and match your current wardrobe, try new colors, try monochrome and reuse your current collection of clothes in various ways. Try dress shirts with your favorite dress pants or your finest denim; work different combinations, and always get a second and third opinion.


Tucking in Shirts and T-Shirts

Tucking in your shirt is vital for a sleek, executive look. But you should never tuck in your t-shirt in your pants. It isn't cool, it isn't stylish and it does not look pleasing at all. T-shirts are designed to be casual; they aren't supposed to be tucked in. The only exception to the rule is when the T-shirt is worn under a dress shirt.


Dress According to the Occasion

The last thing you want is to over-dress or look awkward at a gathering or event. You should have an idea about the occasion beforehand and manage an outfit that goes with it. Dressing too elegantly at a casual meetup or too casually for an executive gathering will result in nothing but a rather unpleasant experience that will be felt based on how people react to your fashion choice for that occasion.

Buying pieces that cannot go with any other clothing in your wardrobe is a waste of money and space. As an individual with a fine taste for high-end fashion wear, you need to be extremely aware of what you select to add to your current collection. Avoid clothing option that is not wearable in different combinations.


The Plain White Shirt

If you aren't able to settle on an outfit then go for the timeless option of the plain white shirt because it can match with almost anything in your wardrobe.

There is something for everyone here.



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